Victoria’s Garden Grown

Whether you’re serving your customers or serving your family you want to give them the best-  vibrant salads, flavorful meats, fun sandwiches, beautiful sides- and you want to do it with their health in mind.

Let Victoria’s Garden Grown make your life easier and those around you healthier.   We offer a total-use condiment perfect for limitless applications- dress your salads, marinate your meats, top those sandwiches and wraps, enjoy the aroma of the slow-cooker…… whatever your preference we can help- we even have recipes for desserts and cocktails!


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Our organic dressings and marinades are nutrient rich, organic, non-GMO, low sodium, gluten free and vegan. They’re perfect for people with dietary restrictions, or for people who just want to eat better. That’s because we make our dressings with the same ingredients that your salad is made of, 100% organic vegetables.

Our dressings and marinades are so tasty you’ll want to put them on anything and everything. We think you should.

  • Make waves with your marinade.
  • Spice up your sandwiches.
  • Rev-up your rice.
  • Enhance your eggs.

Because what you’re adding to your food should taste good and make you feel good.

Victoria’s Garden Grown Dressings and Marinades are the hero, but you’re the one who saves the day.

About Victoria

About 7 years ago I decided it was time to get healthy and lose those pounds I’d accumulated from years of nights out with friends and pizza binges.  I spent hours and hours at the gym on every piece or cardio equipment I could find. Nothing seemed to make a difference. Hopeless, I turned to a personal trainer. This carved-from-stone professional convinced me to follow his plan of free weights and a good diet. No cardio? Good diet? It was hard for me to believe. But, he said if I stuck with him for 2 weeks he would prove my current struggle was mostly from poor diet and a lack of muscle. Breakthrough! He was right. The first week I dropped 6 pounds and never looked back.

One of my biggest issues has always been that I don’t like most vegetables unless they’re covered in some kind of dressing or sauce. I found my only options were things like butter and cheese, a salty sauce like soy sauce, low calorie dressings that used tons of artificial sweeteners and synthetic ingredients or high calorie oil-based condiments. I could always make my own sauces, but who has time for that? I have a full schedule and making condiments each week from scratch wasn’t an appealing option. So, Victoria’s Garden Grown was born!

The brand is really a humble attempt at solving my own problem–the need for a versatile dressing and marinade that tastes good and fits my lifestyle without adding anything artificial, huge amounts of salt or that adds hundreds of calories to my meals.


We’re a company with a conscience and heart–we’re off to a great start! Sourcing all of our ingredients in the USA and well as doing all of our manufacturing here keeps the quality high and our farmers in business. Victoria’s also trusts creating, labeling and bottling our products to many local small business. We’ve also teamed with a local horse rescue, Hanaeleh, by providing our organic remains from blending products to feed the beautiful horses in need.

Product safety is a top priority for us. Our bottling partner has been in business 80 years with zero recalls. We use a third party lab test to ensure the safety of all of our products.

victorias garden grown

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